What Is MOBI?


MOBI is a company with several decades of experience in wood processing and furniture production. MOBI designs, manufactures and sells furniture and room accessories targeted for kids and teens, creating a sales network all over the world.


We never make compromises when it comes to the safety of our products. Our material carries the seal of resposible forestry and all products are FSC certified by SGS, one of the most renowned international certification companies.

Cost-effective solutions

It's all in combination. By combining the desired modules, make the furniture according to the wishes and needs of your children. Your investment in the MOBI modular system is smart and long-term, your child will have a new reason for joy each time.


We give a 5 year warranty on the availability for the elements of our modular system. Also, we give you a 5 year warranty on all factory defects. Buy smart, buy only products with warranty.


What we do?
We blend tradition and modernity

We are family persons and based on the needs of our own children we have developed and produced children's furniture according to the needs and wishes of children. The furniture is made in a traditional way by craftsmen with a long standing expeience. We personaly take care of every phase of production, from planning and designing, till the finalizing and painting. We design a safe environment for the development of children that stimulates natural child curiosity and creativity. The safety of our children must be above all. Currently MOBI has more production facilities with over 150 employees, who care about meeting the highest quality standards of our products.

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